How To Crush It On Google With Your Plumbing Or Electrical Business
Are You Frustrated With The Results From Your Website?
Have you been "cold called" by one of the 100's of internet marketing companies and have no idea whether it's a scam or not?
Have you spent $100's or even $1000's on Ad Words or other google searches and feel like you've been "taken to the cleaners".
If you have got some work through your website do you know whether it’s worth the dollars your spending…be honest!
We're Interviewing Josh Moore (Online Marketing Genius)

Josh Moore: 
Founder of Duoplus

Founder of Duoplus, Josh Moore is passionate about online marketing. He specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses and will be digging deep into getting your Ad Words delivering, Search Engine Optimisation (getting high in google search) and social media - all must haves if your marketing your business. 

Tony Fraser-Jones:
Founder of Plumbers Coach & Profitable Tradie

Over the past 8 and a bit years we've coached over 260 Plumbing and Trade Businesses to turn their companies into
systemised and profitable machines.

We've found the 3 biggest frustrations of NZ Plumbers & Electricians is hiring GOOD staff, fighting the constant invoicing and paperwork headaches and being able to make a  decent profit and keep the cash rolling in. 

We've learnt the best systems and tools to overcome these headaches and now I want to share them with you...for FREE!
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Online Training (Watch it From Home): ONLINE MARKETING - MASTERING GOOGLE

Here's what We'll cover:
 How you can make the phone ring or email beep within 2 to 4 hours.
How to work out down to the dollar the return you’re getting from your on-line marketing spend.
What SEO means and how to stand out from the crowd on the front page of google.
Why the top 4 listings get 96% of the traffic and the rest get the rats and mice
How to choose an Ad Words or SEO specialist who knows their shit and not get “stitched up” or tied into costly long-term contracts.
The one “must-have” strategy to make the on-line directories (Builders Crack, No Cowboys etc) work for you.
Learn The Proven Strategies To Get Results Like Our Members Below
Luke & Ali - LA Hughes Plumbing
"We're getting 30+ jobs a month and a month after going live we've recouped all the cost"
Peter & Duncan - JT Carter Plumbing
"Our website is where we get most of our jobs. It's worth an extra $14,100 to our business"
James & Tania - JT Plumbing
"We were only getting 1-2 jobs per month, now we're getting at least 29" 
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